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If you have questions about Everest that you cant find the answers to on any blogs, you might want to turn to Born Out There. The First Ascent team, anchored by pros such as Ed Viesturs and Dave Hahn, is answering reader questions online. In the latest batch, they talk about how often the ice avalanches come down, how Ed Viesturs is helping replica Tag Heuer CAF2012.BA0815 Men's Watch out Melissa Arnot on her quest to be the first American woman to summit without supplemental oxygen, and how Peter Whittaker keeps his hair looking so good at high altitude.

Right now, the team is resting at Base Camp in preparation for heading up for another rotation in a day or so. They plan to spend a night on Camp replica Tag Heuer WAB2011.BA0803 Men's Watch 3 at 23,500 ft., climb to about 25,000 ft., then return to Base Camp for a rest before the final push. Viesturs and Whittaker can be seen their way to Lhotse Face in the video below. Aileen Torres Do you have any travel tips for wheelchair users or handicapped travelers? Share it in a comment below.

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The London Marathon is this Sunday, and that means theres a pretty good chance well see a new world record. The man poised to do it: Olympic champion Sammy Wanjiru of Kenya. Hes said his goal is to break Haile Gebrselassies time of 2:03:59 last replica Tag Heuer CAF2011 FT8011 Men's Watch year at London, the current world record. (He already hsa the half marathon world record.) Martin Lel, last years champ, will also be on hand. The womens side is also stacked, with Olympic champion Constantina Dita of Romania and silver medalist Catherine Ndereba of Kenya headlining the field.

The fastest Americans on hand will be U.S. Olympians Meb Keflezighi,Dathan Ritzenhein (10th place, Beijing) and Kate ONeill.Ok, heres the fun part: Take a moment and predict what the winning time will be in the mens OR womens race (pick one). Send me an email to runningmanoutsidemag with your best guess. The first person who guesses what ends up being the winning time in the mens race, or the womens race, replica Tag Heuer CAF2010.BA0815 Men's Watch will get automatic entry into our Gear Army—our crack squad of gear and running shoe testers (must live in the U.S.). Fortune tellers, mystics, shamans, and other clairvoyants are automatically disqualified, as is anyone who guesses after the race begins. Dibs on 2:03:58. If youre really dedicated, or an insomniac, watch the race live at 4 a.m. ET on UniversalSports—JUSTIN NYBERG

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Lance Armstrong announced this morning that French anti-doping authorities have dropped their case against him. The French Anti-Doping Lab (AFLD) had been looking into possible sanctions after an incident that happened after a training ride last month. Armstrong arrived home to find a man, who identified himself as a tester, waiting to take replica Tag Heuer waf1117.ba0810 Men's Watch samples. Armstrong, who claims hed never seen the guy before, went inside to take a shower while his team manager called cycling authorities to verify the tester was who he said he was.

This was a violation of testing regulations, which state that an athlete must remain present from the time a tester introduces himself until the samples are collected.The incident threatened Armstrongs eligibility for races on French soil. But replica Tag Heuer CAF2110.BA0809 Men's Watch now looks like we can expect to see him at the start of the Tour in July. Just got the word from the French agency AFLD on the shower gate incident, Armstrong wrote on his Twitter account this morning. Case closed, no penalty, all samples clean. Onward.—John Bradley

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The vast majority of the park’s 2.2 million acres fall within the borders of neighboring Wyoming. The new plan will also ban wireless internet access in several historic park lodges, forcing people to relax against their will, or maybe talk to the person sitting next to them. It’s unclear, however, how park employees feel about the measure. replica Tag Heuer WAF1115.BA0810 Men's Watch Critics have pointed out that they racked up a $90,000 tax-payer funded cell phone bill in 2007. The new proposal is an abrupt about-face from a plan park officials floated in November 2008 which would have expanded wireless and cell phone use throughout the park. Sean Brander

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it seems that the most recent models with the Replica Tag Heuer watches movement don’t have these problems anymore.I hope there is a way to find out (at the dealer) if the watch is indeed brand new or on the shelf for about year Additional information, questions? Click Comments’ below!A lot of Rolex posts today, and I don’t even wear one today.Anyway, this one is so nice, couldn’t let this one pass.Jocke did a slight modification on his Rolex Yachtmaster.He swapped clasps and I really think Rolex should consider doing this on all their sportsmodels using the oyster bracelet.You can find the pictorial here.

It even shows up at The Watchrap forum over at The Purists.The question remains the same at every forum though, why buy a Rolex while you can get a more interesting watch’ for the same kind of money.Gerard Nijenbrinks nailed this one perfectly in my Replica Bell&Ross watches opinion, which is:If a watch is more interesting or not, is a very personal question of course.As you see by yourself, it’s difficult not to look through your own eyes when determining if a watch is interesting or not (to you).

To me Rolex watches are interesting because of their (construction of) movement and ruggedness of their watch cases.I feel a lot of respect for a company which proved to be able to produce so many watches with this constant level of quality.With Replica Rolex watches these points in view, I can’t find another watch(brand) which has acomplished the same for this kind of money.Every watch has it own story, and is attractive to someone for it’s own reasons.No one has to convince anybody to choose for a certain watch; you should be aware of your own reasons why to want a certain watch.RespectHowever, I am sure the question will pop-up next week again at another forum.